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Correspondence with Jean Cocteau high-school (Miramas, France)
2 January 2008 Gośka Romanowicz, Hervé Bonnaveira

This page is reserved for the students of Jean Cocteau high school who are taking part in the Develotour project. This is where you can post your questions and suggestions, letting us share our travel experience. Whether you’re interested in environmental, humanitarian, cultural or economic issues in Asia, we’ll try to provide you with useful answers. With the involvement of the Lycee Cocteau, you could say that we have gone full circle as Hervé was once a student there. We will literally go full circle when we visit the highschool in 2008-2009, once back from Asia. Thank you to your English teacher for having put us in touch.

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The pupils from Jean Cocteau high-school in Miramas : nice to meet you!

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