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"Cycling across India"
22 February 2008 H. Le Bret

Questionnaire on the Indian part of the journey, following up on "Getting to know the cyclo-nomads and their project" (highschool level).

Students of several schools in France follow the Develotour Asia site. This questionnaire was developed at the Lycée Jean Cocteau in Miramas.

Home page / Bicycle diaries / India / 7th October - India: Welcome to the land of colour,music and tolerance.

1) What was Hervé and Goska’s first impression of India? Give two examples.
2) Click on the photos under the article so as to enlarge them. Choose one and describe it.

Précédente / 16th October; India: time to reuse, reduce and recycle.

3) To keep our classroom tidy,we are told to use the rubbish bin. What happens with Indians?
4) Click on the photo of the billboard of the Dhauladhars. What are trekkers asked to do?
5) Click on the ad for the recycling programme. What do Green Workers at the recycling centre produce?
6) Look at all the photos. Choose one . Describe it.

Précédente / 29th October - Wild India under attack from people and climate.

7) What’s the problem in the Sariska Tiger Reserve?
8) What’s the problem in the bird sanctuary?
9) Inside Panna national park, there are five villages. What dilemma does this situation illustrate?
10) Choose one of the photos. Describe it.

Précédente / 12th November - India: urban apes in pictures.

11) Find two synonyms for “monkey”.
12) Who do these monkeys look like? Comment.
13) Choose one photo. Describe it.

Précédente / 1st December - On yer bike.

14) Hervé and Goska have met lots of Indians on their bikes. These people don’t cycle for their health or for environmental concerns. Then, why do they?
15) Choose one photo. Describe it.

Précédente / 1st December - Veg or non-veg? Good reasons to go green.

16) How long did it take Hervé and Goska to cycle across India?
17) What is the country where there are the biggest number of vegetarians?
18) Why do Indians refuse to eat meat?
19) Hervé reminds us that eating meat is one of the factors of deforestation and water waste around the world. How is it so?
20) Choose one photo. Describe it.

Bicycle diaries / Where we are now.

21)Who’s new in the team?
22) Where will they be on February 4th?
23) How many kilometres have they covered so far?

Contacts/ Correspondence with Jean Cocteau high school.

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