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Madagascar: Sustainable transport by necessity
5 February 2007 Gośka Romanowicz

A selection of photos from around the island taken in July 2006.

The car is a luxury that most Malgache people cannot afford.

Low-carbon transport is an aspiration for us in the West, but it is a necessary reality for most Malgache people. Man-powered means of transport are extremely popular - bicycles, rickshaws, canoes, or just carrying goods directly on your head or back doesn’t cost anything. Bigger loads are carried by carts pulled by zebu (the Malgache cow). Although long journeys require motorised vehicles even in this case car-sharing is not an eco-friendly option but the only choice, and is taken to the extreme: people literally squashed into rickety minivans and buses for hundreds of kilometres. Then there are the few lucky rich who can afford a car of their own - but they tend to be very few, and very rich, flashing past in the capital in their brand new four-by-fours.

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