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Critical Mass invades London streets
2 May 2007 Gośka Romanowicz

Every last Friday of the month sees the streets of central London taken over by cyclists high on that rare feeling that the road is theirs and only theirs. Streets are closed off to the annoyance of (some) motorists and to the glee of hundreds of cyclists who respond to the irritated beeping with shouts of "more bikes, less cars!"

Music from bike-mounted sound systems as well as various hippy DIY novelty-bikes and lots of colour reinforce the feeling of solidarity and the street party atmosphere. People come to Critical Mass to be together, to shout for cyclists’ rights, campaign for safety on the road, promote and celebrate cycling in a city where it’s not always easy going.

Although as a London cyclist weaving through the congested traffic you feel a certain sense of superiority over the sluggish cars, that sense of power can be deceptive. In the event of a collision with a car the chances aren’t equal and your superiour dynamism and speed won’t help - enough cyclists get killed on the streets of the capital to prove it.

That’s why time and time again I hear people asking - if he’s so green, when will Ken really do something for cyclists? For safety, ease of movement, taking bikes on trains.. the list goes on. We’re still waiting... In the meantime, here’s some pics from last Friday’s Critical Mass. Enjoy!

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