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Ready to pedal? official departure in 7 days...
23 June 2007 Hervé Bonnaveira

On the agenda for the official departure on Saturday, June 30th: a cycle parade across the streets of Rouen, handing out prizes from the fund-raising raffle, an ’aperitif’ and slide shows.

Cyclists are invited to join the first kilometres of Herve and Goska’s cycle journey across Asia - aka Develotour Asia - next Saturday.

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Rue du Pont de l’Arquet, in front of the office of our NGO

With seven days to go, we’re still hearing the eternal question: "So, all ready to leave?"
We’ve been counting down to this day for a year - but despite all the preparations we’re rushing to tie up the loose ends. Today we still have a roof over our heads, wardrobes full of clothes, tap-water and electricity. From next Saturday onwards, all we will have is a bicycle and four saddle bags each...

Develotour Asia departs from the lycée Les Bruyères - 67, av. des Canadiens (Sotteville-lès-Rouen). The programme for the day:

9am - 12pm :
- Raffle prizes handed out. Please bring the winning tickets and / or ID.
- Presentation of the Develotour project: demonstration of equipment, slide shows.
- Live music from Les Patates Louches.

12 - 1pm :
- Pre-departure "aperitif" (i.e. refreshments)

1.30 - 2.30 pm:
- Cycle parade around the city of Rouen. Bring what you can to make noise with and to get noticed - bright-coloured clothes and flags are best! Cycle helmet recommended.
Itinerary : Lycée Les Bruyères - avenure des Canadiens - avenue des Martyrs de la résistance - rue d’Elbeuf - rue Saint Sever - pont Boildieu - rue de la République. We’ll stop on the square in front of the town hall (hotel de ville).
- Highschool students will be accompanied back to the Lycee. Volunteers (SABINE, ASPTT...) are welcome. Please confirm your participation here.

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