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How to write an article

Want to share your experiences? To register as an author, send an email to one of the website administrators - Hervé BONNAVEIRA, Goska ROMANOWICZ or Santiago GOMEZ. They will create an account for you and send you your login and password. To submit your article click on private area at the bottom of the page and login with the details you have received.

A new page then allows you to navigate between the different sections.

Click on the write an article icon and a new window will open. You just have to fill in the title, brief description, deck, and the body of the article goes in the text box. The interface simply uses text and you don’t have to worry about the formatting, unless you want to use italics, in which case you must enter : {word}; or if you want a word in bold, you enter: {{word}}. There are other typographic shortcuts of this type - a list is available in the "Online help" of the programme SPIP with which this site is constructed at http://www.spip.net/fr.

Save the text (click button at bottom of page). To include a photo with your article, choose it by clicking "browse" in the Add an image box then click on "upload." If you have any problems you can post a message and one of the administrators will help.

Although your article won’t appear online directly, it shouldn’t take long until it is read and approved by one of the administrators. If the subject is not in line with the develotour.fr website your article may be rejected. In some cases we could ask to make corrections or changes before the article is published online.

That’s it, the keyboard’s all yours - thank you for your voluntary contribution.

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