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Santiago Gomez, President:

Spanish teacher, multi-skilled musician, passionate anti-nuclear campaigner and all-round sustainability extremist, Santiago gets around only by bicycle, using public transport or on foot.

A word from the president of the association: “Trying to pedal downhill, we use up all our energy reserves. It’s a metaphor. Let’s keep all our strength for actions that are beneficial to all. As Albert Camus used to say, "real generosity towards the future is to give all to the present.

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Entertaining friends after a rehearsal

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Gośka Romanowicz, Secretary:

Born in Warsaw, she left Poland at the age of 10 for Ireland, then England where she studied physics and philosophy. Once free from the constraints of full time education travelling and working abroad followed – teaching English in the French Alps, working as a teacher in the Republic of Georgia and exploring the environmental threats to Siberia’s Lake Baikal. Goska has cycled extensively in the Alps, France, England and along much of the Italian coast, as well as travelling across Asia, South America and Africa.

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Photo-reportage in Madagascar

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Hervé Bonnaveira, Treasurer:

A graduate of the Ecole Normale Supérieure in Lyon and a Doctor of Glaciology, Hervé now teaches biology and geology at the Lycée les Bruyères in Rouen, France.

Fascinated by nature since his childhood in the deep south of France, he chose to study geology and train as a teacher, which led him to spend two years in Rio de Janeiro working in a French school and then continuing the South-American theme through a PhD studying a glacier located at an altitude of 6340m in the Bolivian Andes: the Illimani

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On the Illimani in Bolivia during his PhD thesis

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