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Gośka and Hervé - complementary skills

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Gośka and Hervé, still covered in desert dust after crossing the wildlands of the Kazakh-Uzbek frontier

Gośka will be in charge of the media and audio-visual aspects of the project.

Having written her journalism thesis on an oil pipeline threatening Siberia’s lake Baikal and the potential of eco-tourism to provide an alternative development route for the region, Goska is experienced in communicating the complexities of sustainable development in Asia. Her professional experience, numerous contacts in the media and familiarity with the internet will all be invaluable when it comes to getting our message across to the public.

Her contributions will include:
- Realisation of the develotour.fr website
- Interviews with local people involved in aspects of sustainable development
- Writing a blog for the Develotour website

Her long-running interest in the visual arts will also enable Gośka to bring an aesthetic vision to the project through
- digital photography to illustrate the articles, and eventually also slide-shows to accompany presentations on our return
- turning digital film sequences

Hervé will take care of the technical and educational aspects of the project.

With a PhD in glaciology that included field trips taking him to an altitude of 6340m in the Bolivian Andes, Hervé has considerable experience of organising long expeditions in extreme weather conditions. Climate change has been an important theme of Hervé’s work for some time, as during his PhD he studied an Andean ice core to reconstitute past climatic and environmental changes.

He is also the ideal person for:
- choosing the material and physical preparation
- planning the itinerary

In his work as a college teacher, Herve gives classes on subjects such as the fragility of the environment, the causes and consequences of climatic changes and the solutions proposed by sustainable development.

This provides him with the ideal background to:
- conduct awareness-raising sessions on sustainable development in Asian schools
- present conferences and expositions once back in Europe

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