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Develotour Asia is cycle tour of Asia to explore and communicate sustainable development, by means of articles written from the road and interactive learning involving high school students back in Europe.

- The team: Goska and Hervé.
- Partners: Click here.
- Duration: One year (July 2007- July 2008)
- Distance: 16 000 km
- Getting there... Cycling across 11 countries including India, China and Russia.
- ...and back: by the Trans-Siberian railway, no plane.

Lake Baikal - where we’ll load our bikes onto the Trans-siberian
and head back home

The team
The itinerary
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Quille s’engage dans la voie du developpement durable !
4 July 2007 Hervé Bonnaveira
Visite d’un "chantier bleu" (26 juin) sur le site emblématique du Mont Saint-Michel : une cohérence d’efforts pour le développement (...)
Ready to pedal? official departure in 7 days...
23 June 2007 Hervé Bonnaveira
Cyclists are invited to join the first kilometres of Herve and Goska’s cycle journey across Asia - aka Develotour Asia - next (...)
Tous les résultats de la tombola en ligne
20 June 2007 Hervé Bonnaveira
Les gagnants sont invités à retirer leur(s) lot(s) au lycée Les Bruyères entre 9 et 12 h le 30 juin, jour du départ de Dévélotour Asia. ATTENTION : (...)
Désormais 400 lots - 3000 euros à la tombola "équitable" du lycée Les Bruyères !
7 May 2007 Hervé Bonnaveira
A gagner : 2 city bikes, 2 téléviseurs, 2 baladeurs MP3, 2 souris sans fil, 2 haut-parleurs stéréo, 6 clés USB de 1Go, 440 € en bons d’achats, 24 (...)
Démarchage à vélo : la tournée des centres commerciaux de l’Agglo de Rouen
24 April 2007 Hervé Bonnaveira
Notre meilleure trouvaille, le magasin de produits biologiques "Au bon air" à Rouen - Jardin des plantes.
Assembling the "Asia-mobile": the Rolls Royce of bikes
17 April 2007 Hervé Bonnaveira
A lesson in mechanics at the atelier of a made-to-measure bike specialist
The "Sustainable Development Forum": this time from an exhibitor’s viewpoint
17 March 2007 Hervé Bonnaveira
The Develotour Asia stand is besieged by an uninterrupted stream of visitors
The Primevere eco-show: searching for ethical sponsors
27 February 2007 Hervé Bonnaveira
Organic, natural, renewable, ethical, fair trade… these are the words on everyone’s lips and publicity stands.
Cycle-nomads and luxury travellers: the search for inspiring experience
22 January 2007 Gośka Romanowicz
This year’s gathering of cycle-nomads made us realise how close this form of transport brings the traveller to local people - and strengthened the (...)
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