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"Getting to know the cyclo-nomads and their project"
5 November 2007 H. Le Bret

Questionnaire for highschool-level students of English as a foreign language.

Students of several schools in France follow the Develotour Asia site. This questionnaire was developed at the Lycée Jean Cocteau in Miramas.

I ) Basics :

On the Home Page, first select the English language. Then, click on PROJECT.
1) What is Dévélotour Asia ?
2) Who are the team members ?
3) How long is their tour going to last ?
4) How many countries are they going to cycle across ?
5) What distance will they cover ?

Now, put on your headphones, click on VIDEO (the video clip is in French only) . Then click on VIDEO : GOSKA AND HERVE PRESENT THE DEVELOTOUR PROJECT TO YOU.
Once you’ve watched the video, click on THE TEAM.
6) What are Goska’s and Hervé’s jobs ?
7) What experience do they have on environmental issues ?

II )The itinerary :

Click on PROJECT, then on THE ITINERARY.
8) What means of transport have they used so far ?
9) In the journey schedule, find out where they’ll be between October 10th and November 30th ?
10) On the globe and the maps, what do the three colours yellow,blue,red correspond to ?
(Click on the maps so as to enlarge them.)
11) For which part of their journey will they take the Trans–Siberian ?

III ) The bikes :

a) Goska’s bike
Click on PROJECT, then down the page, near the bottom, click on THE SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT FORUM : THIS TIME FROM AN EXHIBITOR’S POINT OF VIEW. 17TH MARCH 2007.
12) In which part of Lycée J.B. Decrétot is the bike exhibited ?
13) What do the pupils think of it ?
14) What will be the total weight of the bike with the luggage ?
15) Make a list of all the extra-equipment for this special bike.
16) Among the comments that the pupils make, choose two which could have been yours.
17) What message does Hervé try to get across ?

b) Hervé’s bike :
18) “A chain that gives you freedom” : what does this phrase refer to ?
19) What do Paul Domela and his assistant do while Hervé watches ?
20) What vital lesson does Hervé have to learn from the two men before he leaves the shop ?

c) the two bikes today :
Click on PRECEDENTE, then BICYCLE DIARIES, then WHERE WE ARE NOW. Click on the map to enlarge it.

IV) Sustainable Development, what it is all about.

HOME PAGE, then in the first three lines of introduction, click on SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT.
21) Fill in the blanks :
Sustainable development is .............efficient, ...............equitable, .........................acceptable.
22) When did the phrase “sustainable development “ first appear ?
23) What’s special about the decade 2005-2014 ?

24) Which greenhouse gas is mainly responsible for global warming ?
25) Who is the main producer of this gas ?
26) Give a few examples of the ecological consequences of the concentrations of this gas.
27) What social consequences will climate change have ?
28) How many people will live on Earth by 2100 ? What will be needed to satisfy global demand then ?

V ) Personal comments :

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