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The Develotour Asia project is a cycle tour of Asia to explore, communicate and experience sustainable development, coordinated by the Cycling for Sustainability association.
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Last articles written :

  • El Sena, un inmenso vertedero. Descubra la Normandía que se oculta a los turistas.
    19 August 2009, S.Gómez
    Huyendo de los tópicos normandos, Laurent COLASSE muestra de la naturaleza en la provincia del «Sena Marítimo» el lado que se oculta al turista y (...)

  • Oil threat bypasses Baikal to re-emerge further East
    5 October 2008, Gośka Romanowicz
    As we end our cycle journey by Lake Baikal we are closing a loop - we were here 3 years ago to report on a planned oil pipeline that threatened (...)

  • Across the Gobi to the Trans-Siberian
    1 August 2008, Gośka Romanowicz, Hervé Bonnaveira
    Over the last months our journey feels like a film running backwards. 11 months ago we took a train across Europe, crossed the Caspian Sea, the (...)

  • Balloon break on the Camino de Santiago

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